What Posture Says about Your Health

Your posture is literally how you balance your head over your shoulders over the pelvis,

down through the knees and your ankles. How strong your posture is will determine

how well you age in your body. Through a series of linkages, or bones, aligned with

evolutionary precision to optimize motion, we have achieved an upright posture.

On planet Earth, we stand, sit, and move within a gravitational matrix. One G-force is

easily appreciated when trying to jump away from our planet. Our posture constantly

copes with this never-ending force, struggling to stay upright, and our neuromuscular

system constantly maintains our orientation at the same time. Therefore, posture is

dynamic and adaptive while maintaining 4 zones of bones in balance.

Balancing these 4 blocks is best achieved when all 4 blocks are evenly placed on top of the other. Postural assessments are designed to locate imbalances in these 4 zones: head, torso, pelvis, and legs. When all 4 areas are stacked and well-balanced we have achieved stability. By evaluating these 4 posture zones we can see compensations, dysfunctional patterns and adaptational changes which can lead to chronic joint pain syndromes.

 The poor alignment of bones weakens our posture and creates wear-and-tear or mechanical stress to our joints. Over time, the body can grow old and weak with aches and chronic joint pain, resulting in joint degeneration (osteoarthritis). Strengthening posture with professional posture-focused chiropractic care reduces bio-mechanical stress and helps prevent numerous physical ailments.

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