Helping my Symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis

I have numbness of the feet legs, right arm and cheeks due to M.S. All the drugs I have taken resulted in flu like symptoms. As a result of chiropractic care my numbness is completely gone. Energy level is high. Lower back pain is gone.

Vivian Y.

I Thought It Was Because of My Age!

For over a year, I have had a constant slight pain in my back, a stiff neck, numbness in my right arm and hand and headaches. I didn’t seek any treatments because I thought it was because of my age. After my chiropractic treatments my back pain is gone, numbness has disappeared, I have no headaches and I also have increased flexibility in the neck area. I would recommend chiropractic to others who have health-related conditions.

Vivian D.

First Time in a Long Time

I have had a stiff neck and sore lower back with stiffness and tightness in the shoulders. I also had a groin pull and knee soreness. In the first time in a long time, I feel much relief from the strain in my neck and upper shoulders. I no longer have any lower back pain! Also after pulling a muscle in my neck, I was feeling a lot of pain and stiffness, but after several treatments by Dr. Studer, it is much better. Just after that first adjustment for the pulled neck muscle, I felt so much better!

Pam L.

Now My Head Turns!

I had lots of tension and tightness with some sharp pain occasionally for about 2 years. I also had headaches occasionally for 6 months. The results after chiropractic was the most noticeable improvement was my range of neck movement. Before, I would have to turn my while upper body to look behind me, but now that my neck has been adjusted, just my head turns (as it should). Also, I haven’t had a headache in a long time- over a month and a half now. Not to mention that my whole back feels better and is less likely to ache anymore! I have suggested chiropractic work to both friends and family.

D. Richards

I Tell All My Friends Dr. Deane is Great!

I have had overall back, neck and hip discomfort. I’ve experienced muscle spasms (or close to it) up and down my spine. I have stiffness and a feeling of compression or jammed vertebrae. I have headaches. These symptoms have been around for 5 or more years but have progressively gotten worse and the last year was bad! After seeing Dr. Deane, I no longer have headaches and I’m more flexible and relaxed. I tell all my friends that Dr. Deane is great!



Dr. E's Immune-Boosting Salsa & Hummus

Salsa 4 medium tomatoes Small handful of cilantro 2-4 cloves of garlic, depending on how much you love your fellow man Hot pepper of your choosing, depending on masochistic tendencies. I add one jalapeno (minimum), but I have…


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