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Dr. Elliot Lysyk & Dr. James Mayne

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Spinal Decompression

“After only one month of decompression sessions, I have noticed a vast decrease in back pain. I am able to do a lot more physically, and I am able to exercise without fear of further injury. I no longer rely on prescription medications that only mask the symptoms.”


Passion For Patients

“I am thankful to have had the benefit of care from someone who is passionately dedicated to doing his best for his clients. I highly recommend Arise Chiropractic.”

David C.


“The biggest change for me is that I am sleeping through the night—what a treat! I have no more headaches or neck tension. My balance is better. I can vacuum pain free. I can stand for longer periods of time with no pain. I no longer take any pain medication.”

Yvonne K.


“The improvements in my flexibility have far surpassed my expectations. My flare-ups are minimal and my pain has decreased more than I imagined possible. I can sit for extended periods without difficulty now. An unexpected result of the treatments was how my swimming improved with the correction to my spine and body position. And best of all, I can dance!”

Barry L.

Chronic Pain

“It was my belief that my chronic back pain originated back at least 12 years to the birth of my son and that I would have to endure the pain and discomfort for the rest of my life…But [since treatment] I have been able to ride in a vehicle for over 6 hours without pain. Walking, sleeping, working and gardening have improved dramatically, as well as my oil painting artwork.”

Taosha N.

Corrective Care

“I began seeing Dr. Spearman on a regular basis to begin my corrective care.  Since the corrective care, I have noticed an improvement in my strength and flexibility and I have fewer headaches.  My lower back is also on its way to becoming a health spine again and I am able to return to my normal day to day activities without experiencing pain.”

Lori K.

True Progress

“I have used chiropractors in the past, but I was impressed with the program that was offered to my son, and the caring about his progress and his day to day activities. Thank you, Arise Chiropractic.”

Bonnie M.

A New Outlook

“Decompression Therapy has given me a new outlook towards life without pain.  I am so happy with the outcome of my spine.”

Patricia I.

Life Has Been Completely Transformed

My shoulder/neck pain and headaches have completely disappeared.  I have noticed that my life has been completely transformed by my experience with Dr. Deane Studer.


Arise Chiropractic has Given Me My Life Back

All I could do was lie on my back for 22-23 hours a day; the pain was always there!  We attended an informational session at Arise Chiropractic where “Decompression Therapy” was explained to my wife and I.  I started my treatment a day later, and by the end of the first week (3 treatments) I was experiencing improvement.  After 9 treatments I was abl eto sit for meals and started driving again.  I played golf after 12 treatments and I’m not flyfishing again!


No Longer Fearing Being a Hunchback

As a woman with scoliosis, my concern was that one day I’d look at myself and see “a hunchback”.  I can honestly say that since coming to Arise I no longer have that fear.  in fact, I believe I’m getting physically and mentally stronger, allowing me to live the best life I can.

Thank you to everyone at Arise – in particular Dr. Elliot!


Small Changes Can Have a Big Effect

For years I have suffered with migraine headaches.  After undergoing treatment for a while I started to noticed less neck pain and less headaches.  Now I can say yes the treatment is working and my headaches are very rare, not two, three times a week.  My advice to anyone trying chiropractic is to stick with it.  At first you think nothing is really helping, then all of the sudden the small changes appear.  The best thing is not having to take any pain medicines anymore.


Back Pain

“My journey down the road to Arise Chiropractic began 5 years ago when I was involved in an accident that caused damage to my neck, back, and pelvis…I spent the next 3 months at home, literally crawling on my hands and knees from the bathroom to the couch downstairs because I wasn’t able to crawl upstairs to the bathroom. The only way to escape the pain was by taking an arsenal of prescription drugs including addictive narcotics…

My story ends happily, of course. After meeting Dr. Elliot and having my first assessment we started a program designed to correct my specific vertebral subluxation, which were the cause of all the problems I had been experiencing. Today I do not take a single medication, I seldom get a migraine, I walk on the treadmill an hour 3 times a week and I can stand almost totally straight!”

Doreen K.

No longer relying on prescription medications

Having a herniated disc in my lower back had a negative impact on me both physically and mentally.  I was in constant pain and my quality of life suffered as a result.  After seeing an ad  for spinal decompression in a local newspaper, I decided to call Arise Chiropractic

After only one month of decompression sessions, I have noticed a vast decrease in back pain.  I am able to do a lot more physically and I am able to exercise without fear of further injury.  I no longer rely on prescription medications that only mask the symptoms.  I can honestly say that it’s has made a world of difference for me.


I Had Previously Thought Surgery Was Going to Be My Only Option

I have seen many specialists including doctors, chiropractic doctors, physiotherapists, acupuncturists and massage therapists in the last 20 years for the treatment of two car accident whiplash injuries.

Continuous pain led me to investigate decompression therapy offered at Arise.  I had previously thought surgery was going to be my only option for pain relief.

Through chiropractic adjustments combined with decompression therapy, I am pleased to say I am regaining the proper curve of my neck, regaining strength, range of motion and an incredible reduction in the frequency and severity of pain.

A heartfelt thank you to Dr. Lysyk and his team at Arise for greatly improving my health and quality of life.


Feeling Like a New Person

I started seeing doctor Elliot after my back gave out randomly one night at home.  I have never experienced pain like this before, literally crippling me!  I have a 13 month old child and to not be able to do anything with/for him was devastating to me.  After seeing Dr. Elliott and getting X-rays he explained what was going on and immediately suggested what needed to be done.  Even in the last 3 months since I’ve met him, the changes in the way I feel are AMAZING!  Some days I feel like a new person, and now we have a plan for my neck to get rid of my headaches and correct my issues.  I am confident that Dr. Elliott can fix this.  He genuinely cares about his patients and is so knowledgeable about the body I am very thankful I’ve met him and will continue to visit and recommend my friends and family members!


Have My Life Back!

I have endured back pain for several years now; I am a 58 year old woman in good general health.  My back gradually has increased with pain during the last few years. I was recommended by a specialist several options, one being Chiropractic Decompression.  Because I had made the decision to avoid back surgery, I called Arise Chiropractic as they offer the latest technology in Decompression Therapy.  In short, I travelled 3x a week for two months, driving approximately 140 km roundtrip, and this is one of the wisest decisions I have ever made.  The difference to my quality of my daily life is incredible; it’s like I have my life back!

Helen R.

Helping to Improve While Still Young

About ten years ago I fell off my horse landing on my right hip.  It has been partially numb to the touch since but didn’t hurt up until recently.  After I got my drivers license and started driving myself around, it got to the point where I couldn’t even drive for 20 minutes without excruciatingly uncomfortable pain.  A thirty minute drive became impossible without strong pain medication.  I started coming here in October and cant’ believe the improvements – I can now drive to Kelowna with very little to no pain.  No medication needed.  30 minute drives are no sweat now.

Dr. James even discovered stuff that was going on in my neck that I wasn’t aware of before.  He is helping me to improve this while I’m still young so that I can continue a healthy active life when I approach old age.


Feeling More Vibrant Than I Have in Years!

At 33 years of age, I was no longer able to sit and barely able to limp from one bed to another.  I was diagnosed with a badly ruptured disc in my lower back (L5-S1), which was compressing my spinal cord to 60%.  After decompression treatments, it was absolutely amazing to look in the mirror seeing arms hanging straight at my sides and hips sitting level – something I had never before experienced!  After 11 weeks of treatment I was able to sit, walk, lift and once again care for my baby and family.  The extreme sciatic pain is gone!!


Huge Improvements

I crashed paragliding in September 2009 and crushed my L1.  After the initial recovery I had very few problems.  April of this year, I was in a lot of pain for about 3 weeks.  I would rate it 8/10 for pain.  I met Dr. James from Arise at a home show and then follow up for an exam and X-rays I had a pinched nerve.  After two weeks I started to notice the adjustments were having a huge improvement.  Pain went from 8/10 down to 2/10.  I had my mobility back.  I was sleeping better and I am able to play with my 15 month old son again.  My wife has noticed I am in a way better mood too!

Pete W.

Arise Chiropractic Has Helped Me to Avoid Surgery!

My initial visit brought me here because of my bulging discs in my lower back and neck and to learn what decompression is all about.  I have learned decompression means to slightly pull your spine therefor allowing discs to go back in place (relieving pain!).  After meeting with Dr. James, I learned how much care and attention he showed for my overall health.  I was recommended 12 treatments on the decompression table, after 6 treatments I was feeling the difference already.  By the 12th visit I felt 90% better in my lower back.  I’m currently treating my neck.  It’s like “really what do you go to lose”.  Arise Chiropractic has helped me to avoid surgery!


Showing Me How to Maintain My 75 Year Old Body

I chose chiropractic care due to severe pain with my spinal arthritis.  My family physician could only prescribe pain medicine which can create other issues.  After reviewing my CT Scan, Dr. James proceeded with his chiropractic skills.  In a very short time I could dress myself, walk, work on my farm and ride horses.  At this time, Dr. James adjusts my spine once a week and I faithfully do the exercises he’s prescribed daily.  Thank you Dr. James for showing me how to maintain my 75 year old body.


Positive Effects of Treatment

With the prescribed number of treatments and the regularity of the treatments, I now have 90% less neck and shoulder pain.  My premenstrual symptoms have also decreased.  I now have no doubts chiropractic can help symptoms I’ve been experiencing.  I just needed to give it a full chance to work and to feel the positive effects of the treatment.


I am stronger!

After  an accident, I was given a referral to see a chiropractor.  I had neck strain as well as upper and lower back pain.  I eventually had to take a leave of absence from my job due to my injuries.  After each adjustment I noticed a little improvement and after 6 months, I am almost at 100%.  I’ve noticed that I am stronger and not as worn out or sore after strenuous activities.

Kim K

The Denneroll is So Good I Even Bring it Camping!

The denneroll is so good, I even bring it camping!  It’s really changed my chiropractic visits.  When I can’t make it in to the office, it really helps out.

I was tired of being Frankenstein at work.  I started with two serious accidents in less than three weeks.  It has been mind-blowing to go from whiplash to functioning.


Unexpected Benefits

I was dragged in to see Dr. Deane because of back pain and difficulty walking.  I have been getting chiropractic care now for four months and while we are still working on the back pain, my diabetes is under much better control with fantastic blood sugar numbers and that was something I did not expect.


Feeling Taller!

I have mild scoliosis, so a friend suggested I go to a chiropractor.  I was also suffering from migraines.  Migraines don’t show up nearly as often as they used to.  Back and neck pain doesn’t show up as much either.  And although I know I’m not, I feel taller.  I tell everyone about Dr. Deane, especially the ones that are scared to death of chiropractors.


Living Without the Fear of Pain

“Since receiving treatments … I am now able to do the things I used to do without that nagging fear of being incapacitated with pain.  I am grateful for the care and expertise that I have received and would enourage anyone that is having pain similar to what I experienced to really consider seeing Dr. James.”

H. M

Experience Better than I Hoped For

Thank you for becoming my chiropractor, Dr. Deane.  You have made the experience better than I hoped for.  You have been so generous with your time and really letting me understand the meaning of chiropractic care.  I have noticed a change in my energy for the better!


Never Knew Chiropractic Could Stop a Sinus Infection!

I’ve been going to chiropractors for over 10 years and never knew it would stop a sinus infection!  My sinus infection never matured.  I was worried when it started and I expected to miss work, but because of Dr. Deane Studer my symptoms are gone!

Karen B

My Chronic Pain is Gone!

Before getting chiropractic care, I lived with constant pain in my neck and shoulders.  I got to the point where I couldn’t turn my head at all without excruciating pain.  I tired massage, exercise, relaxation and painkillers.  Nothing helped.  After about 10 weeks of chiropractic care, I have regained complete mobility in my neck and shoulders and the chronic pain is gone.  I also sleep better, have more energy and have noticed and improvement in my general health.

Yvonne Z

Overall Decrease In Pain

I cam in to see Dr. Deane for my lower back pain, right hip, and neck and to increase flexibility.  As a result of his treatments, I had increase mobility in my neck and an increase in my energy.  I also had less sinus swelling and an overall decrease in pain.

Paul L

Other Benefits Too!

I came to see Dr. Deane Studer for numbness with pins and needles in my felt and legs as well as sinus congestion.  I suffered with these conditions for 2 years.  I tried aspirin but it didn’t work.  The results and benefits that were improved were my allergies cleared up, I have better balance and movement as well as more energy.

S. Anderson

TMJ Almost Gone!!

I started seeing Dr. Deane to deal with some back, neck and jaw pain.  I had lots of dull aches and sharpe nerve pain in the neck and back and severe TMJ.  I tried Soma, Ibuprofin and Vicodin to deal with the pain but ended up feeling depressed and disorientated.  AS a result of seeing Dr. Deane I have had tremendous improvements and my TMJ is almost gone!  I noticed immediate improvement after the first adjustment.

Beth S

Two Years of a Sore and Stiff Neck

For two years I have had stiffness, pain and the inability to turn my head to the rightI had tried muscle relaxers and they helped but it was just a temporary solution.  After chiropractic treatments, I can turn my neck, I have more movement in both my lower back and neck and I am more aware of my posture.  I experience freedom from pain and realize that is the way I am supposed to feel.

Michaeleen M.

I Tell All My Friends Dr. Deane is Great!

I have had overall back, neck and hip discomfort.  I’ve experienced muscle spasms (or close to it) up and down my spine.  I have stiffness and a feeling of compression or jammed vertebrae.  I have headaches.  These symptoms have been around for 5 or more years but have progressively gotten worse and the last year was bad!  After seeing Dr. Deane, I no longer have headaches and I’m more flexible and relaxed.  I tell all my friends that Dr. Deane is great!


Now My Head Turns!

I had lots of tension and tightness with some sharp pain occasionally for about 2 years.  I also had headaches occasionally for 6 months.  The results after chiropractic was the most noticeable improvement was my range of neck movement.  Before, I would have to turn my while upper body to look behind me, but now that my neck has been adjusted, just my head turns (as it should).  Also, I haven’t had a headache in a long time- over a month and a half now.  Not to mention that my whole back feels better and is less likely to ache anymore!  I have suggested chiropractic work to both friends and family.

D. Richards

First Time in a Long Time

I have had a stiff neck and sore lower back with stiffness and tightness in the shoulders.  I also had a groin pull and knee soreness.  In the first time in a long time, I feel much relief from the strain in my neck and upper shoulders.  I no longer have any lower back pain!  Also after pulling a muscle in my neck, I was feeling a lot of pain and stiffness, but after several treatments by Dr. Studer, it is much better.  Just after that first adjustment for the pulled neck muscle, I felt so much better!

Pam L

I Thought It Was Because of My Age!

For over a year, I have had a constant slight pain in my back, a stiff neck, numbness in my right arm and hand and headaches.  I didn’t seek any treatments because I thought it was because of my age.  After my chiropractic treatments my back pain is gone, numbness has disappeared, I have no headaches and I also have increased flexibility in the neck area.  I would recommend chiropractic to others who have health-related conditions.

Vivian D

I Will Continue to Tell Everyone About What Amazing Results We Have Achieved With Dr. James Mayne

My assessment was done with Dr. James Mayne and after a few sessions I felt comfortable to trust him with my children.  My son continuously hurt his right foot only to find out he was carrying 15 pounds more n his right foot than left.  So we proceeded to have several sessions.  The changes we saw exceeded our expectations, he is writing neater and at the end of a long day at school he is not resting his head no his table.  he has more focus during school and at home. I asked my son if he felt and difference, he said “no” but asked if we changed his insteps in his shoes because his left foot feels “more bouncy”.  Our last assessment there was a 1 pound difference between his right and left foot.  My daughter has had 6 ear tube procedures and dozens of antibiotics.  She can not swim without earplugs.  We are only half way with my daughter’s treatment and she is able to ‘pop’ her ears – which she has never been able to do before.  She is also not getting headaches and his sleeping more peacefully at night.  I look forward to finishing.  AS for me who has had 3 kids and back injury- I am able to walk my dogs daily.  I can now sit on the floor for hours playing lego with my kids.  I will continue to tell everyone about what amazing results we have achieved with Dr. James Mayne.


Long Road to Recovery

Due to an auto accident, I had many pelvic and back injuries.  I began having sever lower back pain and this influenced my sleep and daily activities greatly.  After lying down for more than 3 or 4 hours, I would wake from lower back pain and my reaching and bending throughout the day became very limited.  Sometimes it would take 10 Advil over the day to comfortably get through it.  I have suffered this way for 3 years.  My family doctor just recommended exercise and while that helped, it didn’t relieve all the pain.  I ran into Dr. Studer and he recommended I come in for a consultation.  I have had wonderful results including being able to reach, bend, stretch, run, sleep, getting up from sitting and laying down, and can buckle my sandals.

Katrina S

Key Part of Maintaining Optimal Health

Although I grew up with chiropractic care, I took my health for granted during my 20s.  I wasn’t regular about seeing a chiropractor for at least a decade.  In that decade, I worked desk jobs, wrote for hours on my laptop in all kinds of non-ergonomic positions, and generally ignored by mothers advice to stand up straight.  I was slumped all the time and prone to tension headaches.  I knew I needed to do something or I’d have a permanent hump.  Despite all that, I was still surprised at my initial assessment – my posture was REALLY poor with numbers and x-rays to prove it.  The bigger surprise, though, has been how much improvement I’ve seen.

The treatment plan Dr. James developed had me standing taller and straighter in 2-3 months.  I have fewer headaches.  I’ve known the benefits of chiropractic care before and this experience affirms that it can be a key part of maintaining optimal health, especially if you’re dealing with chronic pain.  What’s stood out to me about Arise is how gentle their practice of chiropractic care is.  Everything’s moved at my pace and Dr. James checks frequently to ensure my comfort.  I’d recommend Arise to anyone, no question.

Ruth M.

A Team Minded Clinic

I came to the Arise Clinic after a year and a half of seeing many health care professionals in my attempt to find help with my chronic and sometimes debilitating pain in my neck, shoulder and lower back.  Right from the start I felt the environment at Arise was not only professional but also warm and welcoming.  I loved the inspirational messages on the board and the friendly atmosphere.  This is definitely a very team minded Clinic.  I am happy to say that finally I am experiencing relief and I can do more and more all the time pain free.  Living without pain for the first time in years is amazing, I would definitely recommend this clinic to everyone seeking the same result.


Helping my Symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis

I have numbness of the feet legs, right arm and cheeks due to M.S.  All the drugs I have taken resulted in flu like symptoms.  As a result of chiropractic care my numbness is completely gone.  Energy level is high.  Lower back pain is gone.

Janice Y.

Love the clinic  – staff are fantastic.

Dr. Lysyk is exceptional. Highly recommend and will continue for maintenance care.


It’s been a great experience.

Adjustments are very gentle but extremely effective.  No bone crunching. Highly recommend clinic.


My back pain felt better.

Love how it was all explained to me.


Awesome people, very accommodating.

Holds client accountable for own health.


I am very happy with adjustments and with Dr. Elliot.

He is a very good human being and I will tell people about him and his job. Putting a smile on someone’s face, I think, is a very big achievement.


Very happy with every part of my experience here.

Great people and I can feel the genuine care that they have for their patients.


Very friendly, welcome atmosphere.

Positive holistic approach to wellness, functionality. Expert and knowledgeable treatment.


I never thought…

I never thought I would find another chiropractor that would have such an impact on my hip and overall wellness.  I feel incredibly fortunate to have found this clinic.


I appreciate the terrific care I am getting.

Feeling “cared for”. Thanks, Dr. Elliot.

C. G.

I’ve noticed an improvement…

I’ve noticed an improvement in the range of motion of my back and neck, strength of muscles in neck, and a reduction of daily pain/discomfort in neck.


I’ve had nothing but a positive experience in every aspect of the clinic.


Love the feel here.

I like the science-based information and treatment I am receiving.

B. M.

My results have surpassed what I had hoped for.

The positive atmosphere of the staff is outstanding. The information given for self-care is most valuable.

B. W.

Fantastic and professional.



Awesome how you have helped and corrected the problem that I was having trouble with. The people working here are wonderful people too!


I have not felt this good in many years.

My husband has noticed the change which is a good thing.


I have received great care and am feeling great.

I have noticed a decrease in the sciatic pain.


Learned a lot…

Learned a lot about the back and alignment etc., as well as how to maintain it.


Very informative personal care.

Treats each person’s pain in an organized and professional method.


Great staff, very understanding.

I definitely receive great care.


Lower back seems solved.

Friendly, good vibe.


Everyone is excellent.

My progress has been terrific.


I am now running, working out, and feeling better than I have in years past

I am a 61-year-old woman who had chronic back pain approximately 5 years ago and was to the point where I would go into back spasms while performing  minimal tasks around the home. I had some difficulty climbing stairs as well. My back would “go out” regularly.  Dr. James has given me my life back. Let me say it was my back as I am a slim individual, so I knew it was not a weight issue. I just simply needed to get help from a chiropractor. I am now running, working out, and feeling better than I have in years past. Your health is everything. If you haven’t got your health you live in misery. I cannot say enough about Dr. James Mayne – again, he has given me my life back.


Dr. James is friendly, engaging, respectful, and knowledgeable.

He took me from excruciating pain (in tears), not being able to walk (pain from hip to foot), to sitting and climbing stairs….to laughing, going for short walks and my pain level is minimal. I am happy and so thankful for his help.


Good overall—an absolute 180 degree from where I used to be.

Nice to be able to move again.


Very happy so far.

Everyone is great.


The clinic staff and doctors are great…

The clinic staff and doctors are great and extremely easy to work with during this process.


It’s been great so far…

It’s been great so far, really improved.



Informative, well-discussed and planned with me. Questions are always answered.


Really great, safe place.

I feel I can trust the advice and care given. Even seen a big improvement in how I feel.