Dr. Elliot Lysyk

Chiropractor / Founder

A Passion For Chiropractic

My name is Dr. Elliot Lysyk. With the help of my partner, Alana, I have built an amazing chiropractic practice filled with lovely families from around Vernon. Previously I practiced in Ireland, where we lived for 4 years before settling back in Canada. I love to travel, having visited over 30 countries and enjoying many cultural experiences along the way.

My true passion as a Vernon chiropractor, however, is chiropractic care for families. I love helping people overcome their health concerns – especially children and families. It’s amazing to witness patients healing naturally, without medications, and to prevent children from ever requiring those medications. I have been blessed to have helped thousands of patients—high performance athletes, newborns, the elderly, regular moms and dads—seek relief from, and often overcome, a large variety of health concerns.

In an attempt to be the best chiropractor I can be, I am committed to staying up-to-date with all the latest research, and in my studies one important truth always materializes: true prevention is following the guidelines that enhance your body’s natural healing power— correcting problems before they become big, or before they develop at all.

My Chiropractic FocusDr. Elliot and Shay

My focus is simple. Everything I do in at Arise Chiropractic Wellness Clinic is based on these 4 health principles:

  • You are a self-healing organism. Your body is designed to heal itself. Just think about when a scrape starts to heal or a bruise fades. Your body is in a constant state of change and repair, and in order to do this, it follows a very exact program.
  • Your nervous system is the mechanism that runs this program. It’s like a computerized central command centre that runs YOU. As long as your nervous system is able to communicate effectively with every organ, tissue, cell, nook and cranny of you, you should experience optimal health—the best health of your life. This is called ‘normal.’
  • If, however, something interferes with the function of your nervous system, and it is not able to do its job, your body will no longer be ABLE to do what it is programmed and designed to do. It will become confused and start doing ‘abnormal’ things.
  • My job as a chiropractor is to restore law and order in this system! The earlier, the better, but it’s never too late!

I look forward to meeting you and your family, and helping you all achieve super-charged health!

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