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3 Ways Massage Therapy Helps in Spinal Correction

Massage therapy compliments and enhances Chiropractic corrective care. Dr. Elliot Lysyk explains how.

3 Tips to Help Asthma and Breathing Difficulty

Dr. Elliot explains a few important considerations to help reduce, correct, or eliminate breathing issues

Neck Pain, Headaches, Migraines: Probable Cause, Likely Solution

Vernon Chiropractor Dr. Elliot Lysyk explores a large cause of headaches, neck pain, and migraines and describes “cervico-genic” headaches. Often overlooked because investigations rarely look at neck alignment as a possible source as the problem, Dr. E discusses how Chiropractic care can offer a potential solution.

Melatonin levels related to cell phone radiation and cancer

Radiation from microwave cell phone towers and night shift working pose risk by lowering melatonin levels. Sustained low melatonin related to various cancers and lowered life expectancy, Dr. Elliot Lysyk discusses.

Spinal/Postural imbalances

Dr. Elliot shares how small spinal/postural imbalances lead to long term damage, how these relate to wear and tear/osteoarthritis, how they create poor nerve flow and poor body function, and how Chiropractic locates and helps correct them.

King Eddy

Dr. Elliot mountain bikes to King Eddy Lake, climbs 13 Kms, and shares principle of specific adaptations to imposed demands: how to adapt your body to overcome daily stress-strain.

On Piezoelectricity

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