Your Child’s Alignment is Important

We see a lot of kids in our practice. And we work closely with our in-house midwife, helping pregnant moms and their babies.

Why is it so important to address spinal alignment early on?

First let’s look at Mom. Poor pelvic alignment during pregnancy can cause intra-uterine constraint on baby, not to mention low back and sciatic pain for Mom. Properly aligning her low back and pelvis can mean the difference between a difficult labor and a more easeful one. Even so, most births are considered to be a mild trauma for baby. That’s why checking baby’s spinal alignment following birth is crucial for establishing healthy spine and nervous system development.

Proper alignment is important from birth all the way to adulthood. The tiny bones housing the spinal cord need to be in an optimal position so that your spinal nerves are healthy and able to communicate efficiently with the rest of your body—the recipe for great health.

Spinal pain and arthritis are large contributors to disability as we age. That’s why establishing proper alignment early on is so important for great posture, less wear-and-tear, improved balance and increased energy. Consider a preventative Chiropractic check-up for your kids!

Dr. Elliot Lysyk, DC

Arise Chiropractic, Vernon, BC

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