Middle-Aged and Waking up Stiff and Sore?

By Dr. Elliot, DC

Imagine a life where you wake up feeling more nimble and agile with fewer kinks and pain in your neck and back?

While it’s fairly common to see older patients who wake up with aches and pains, I also see a lot of patients in their 30’s and 40’s who are tired of feeling stiff and achy when they awake each day.

The way we sleep, walk, stand, sit, lift, and do our repetitive jobs all determine the pattern of our body alignment. Poor body alignment can cause restrictions or misalignments in the spine. These restrictions hamper the unity of movement between our bones, joints, ligaments and muscles, causing tension patterns in the neck and back which translate as stiffness, aches and kinks.

Chiropractors can help correct these restricted movement patterns in your spine and posture, helping to alleviate tension and pain. Call to make your appointment now and see if we can help!

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