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Am I at a Dead End?

As a chiropractor I often see new patients who “have tried everything” already, even chiropractic, and it has not worked. Most have already spent a great deal of time and money seeing physical therapists, personal trainers, acupuncturists, massage therapists…the list goes on and on. They have seen some of the most talented doctors and practitioners […]

Do Children Need Chiropractic Care?

A baby’s potential lies within, yet it is dependent on many nurturing factors. Babies, infants, and children go through important growth stages. Therefore, monitoring their spinal alignment will allow for optimal growth and development.   The health benefits of chiropractic care should be considered as a conservative and natural approach within our health care system, […]

Sprains & Strains

If you have sprained a joint recently, you know they can be problematic for a while. We constantly need to use our ankles, hips, backs, shoulders and necks. Your body has its own natural way of healing, but here are some tips to help the process along: 1) Ice. Immediately after injuring a joint, it […]

Healthier Today Than Yesterday?

When pain strikes us with surprise, we often struggle to understand why. Keep in mind that our spinal bones are held in place by numerous muscles controlled and directed by the nervous system. Bones, muscle and nerves influence each other in a dynamic balance. When everything is properly aligned and our main weight-bearing joints are […]

Why Do I Get So Excited about Posture?

A person’s posture tells us so much about their health. When we are hurt we walk and move in a certain way. When we are tired we slouch and our heads droop. If a person has a job where they sit too long, they develop a hunching posture. Our pelvic can be strained by standing […]

Can I Really Be Hurt in a Fender Bender?

One of the most common things mentioned by patients when I meet them is “it was only a small car accident, I wasn’t really hurt.” Many times when people come in to see us they have been in pain for a long time, yet don’t have a major accident to explain why they were hurt […]

Your Child’s Posture

Your child?s posture changes dramatically when developing from a newborn to toddler, adolescent to adult. Their body gains over one metre in height, their body weight gain is over twenty times, and the spinal column doubles in length! The infant’s head represents about 80% of its body weight while an adult’s head is about 8.6% […]

What Posture Says about Your Health

Your posture is literally how you balance your head over your shoulders over the pelvis, down through the knees and your ankles. How strong your posture is will determine how well you age in your body. Through a series of linkages, or bones, aligned with evolutionary precision to optimize motion, we have achieved an upright […]

$20 Off Reiki Treatment!

Curious about Reiki and how it can help you? Now is the perfect time to experience Reiki’s powerful benefits on the mind, body and soul. For the month of October, Reiki Master Melissa Davies is offering $20 off your first hour-long Reiki treatment (only $45!). Reiki is a gentle healing art that heals the body […]

10% Off Aromatherapy Facial!

Aromatherapy Facials: Relax your mind. Replenish your skin. **Book now through the end of October to receive 10% off this service (only $49!) and have your name entered in a draw to create your own Signature Scent.** Allow the unique energetic, physical and emotional properties of essential oils to balance all of you. Combined with […]