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The Progression of Low Back Pain

Approximately 70% of the people that come in to the clinic complain of low back pain. Low back pain can take many forms, but, in general, long-standing low back pain follows a typical plot line. I will often hear from a patient that their low back has been bothering them, on and off, for years. […]

Bungee Jump Your Way to the Present

I grip the handles of a bridge and peer 160 ft. down into a rocky, raging river. A stranger pokes me in the back, urging me to lean out as far as possible. I stare into the abyss, gulp deeply, and, when I hear my cue (“5-4-3-2-1…Go!”), I jump. Just before slamming into the turbulent […]

Do you have an i-Hunch?

Did you know that forward head posture is the cause of many headaches, neck pain, and shoulder strain? This is when your neck slopes forward and downward in a hunched position. With the increase in screen time, and all the sitting we do, there has never been a more crucial time to address poor posture. All day […]

What’s Our “Why”? Providing Drug-Free Healthcare Options

A wellness revolution is unfolding. Everyone is talking about improving their health, losing weight, eating organic, doing yoga, sleeping adequately, and wanting more energy to keep up with the kids, play golf, and meet the day’s demands pain-free. People are seeking better options for their healthcare. They want natural solutions to their health issues. They’re […]

Ramping up into Spring

The sun is finally shining, we can go outside in just a shirt, the snow is off the ground and that means spring chores are here! For most of us this is a wonderful season, getting to yard work and getting the garden ready. We charge into the crisp air and sunshine, work the weekend […]

Creating a Strong, Stable Core

What Is Your Core? It?s a group of muscles and connective tissue that forms a circumferential wall from front to back, a roof from above and a floor from below that stabilizes your torso and spine. It?s like a back support belt that?s built from within. Its primary function is to stabilize and support your […]

Poor Posture Creates Body Pain

Our lifestyles perpetuate poor posture—hours of driving, sitting at desks, and staring down at our tablets and phones. Chiropractors see this poor posture translate into pain and inflammation in the neck, mid-back, low back, shoulders and hips. Look at yourself in the mirror. Do you have level shoulders? Is your head sticking out too far […]

The Health Secret No One Talks About

You get your eyes, ears and teeth checked. You test your blood. You measure your height, weight, blood pressure, heart rate, vitamin B12 levels and body mass index. Your Fitbit device tracks all of your biometric data, from how many steps you take to the quality of your sleep. When it comes to monitoring your […]

Chief Public Health Officer Supports Chiropractic

I recently watched an interview on The National with Dr. Gregory Taylor, Canada’s Chief Public Health Officer. Dr. Taylor was addressing the opioid crisis in Canada. The large number of recent deaths associated with opioid overdoses is bringing critical awareness to the addictive nature of these drugs. Although Fentanyl is the culprit for many of […]

Why Is There A Flu Season?

Everyone has heard of flu season. It usually starts mid-fall and continues on until early spring. Yet the flu virus is around all year, so why do we have a “flu season”? Our bodies become susceptible to diseases and illnesses for a number of reasons at this time of year due to: Lack of sunlight […]