Dr. Jerry Pyrozko


Hello Vernon! My name is Dr. Jerry Pyrozko or Dr. Jerry as most people call me. I am so thrilled to be in Vernon and working at Arise Chiropractic And Wellness Clinic, the best clinic in the Okanagan! After years of visiting the Okanagan to enjoy everything this beautiful area has to offer, I am finally here.

I’ve had a keen interest in health and the health sciences since I was in elementary school. After attending University and Technical school I worked for several years in research and university laboratories. To keep physically fit and active I enjoy skiing, hiking and swimming. I began training in the martial arts in the 1970’s and yoga in the 1980’s and continue to practice and instruct. It was through my physical lifestyle that I discovered Chiropractic. Paying close attention to the alignment of the spine and body has been invaluable for recovery from injury and prevention of health problems. I was so impressed with Chiropractic that I sold everything and moved my wife and very young family to Davenport Iowa to study Chiropractic. I graduated in 1993 and have been practicing in Stony Plain and Edmonton, Alberta for many years. I have treated thousands of patients and I still marvel at the wonderful results patients experience through Chiropractic and natural healing methods.

I’m here to serve you, along with all the other dedicated health providers at Arise Chiropractic.

Don’t suffer needlessly!

We can help you!